HANA – Next Wave of High Performance BI

HANA stands for High Performance Analytic Appliance. HANA, is what is called an in-memory appliance, which means HANA loads substantial amounts of data from traditional disk storage into real computer memory, which allows the data retrieval and logical processing within memory at light speeds.  SAP’s In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) enables organizations to instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in near real-time. Delivered on optimized hardware, HANA realizes the efficient processing and analysis of massive amounts of data by packaging SAP’s intelligent use of in-memory technology, columnar database design, data compression, and massive parallel processing together with essential tools and functionality (i.e. data replication, analytic modeling etc.), business content, and the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (SAP BusinessObjects BI) solutions.  In-memory computing holds data in RAM instead of being read from disks, providing a performance boost. HANA, which SAP launched last year, can tap data from both SAP and other sources, and the company has also started rolling out a series of specialized applications aimed at specific business problems.

How can you leverage HANA?

  • Organizations who do not want to disrupt their existing Business Intelligence setup, HANA can be deployed as a high performance “side-by-side” data mart to provide “real-time“ reporting and analytics. Existing BW customers  can deploy HANA (with its BAE component) in a “BWA for BW” mode and receive the in-memory acceleration features equivalent to a BWA appliance.
  • HANA can be leveraged as a high performance “side-by-side” data mart to your existing data warehouse or can take the place of a data warehouse (DW).
  • HANA can be deployed as the in-memory acceleration engine for BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated version.
  • HANA can replace your existing backend data warehouse database system.

The benefits to the SAP customer base for HANA are significant. HANA will allow real-time decision making in areas never possible. An example given is the CEO of a big company like SAP can get any information about any SAP sales pursuit in any part of globe or product almost in real time (in seconds) on his iPad.

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